Core Transformation and Spirituality

Inner peace, bliss, oneness, love…. These states, which often emerge as Core States when we do the Core Transformation process, sound a whole lot like the states that many spiritual seekers are looking for. What is the connection between between Core Transformation and spirituality?

We’ve gotten consistent feedback, over the years, that Core Transformation is for many people a way to reach “spiritual” states much more quickly and reliably than other methods they have tried. For some people, this is the primary reason they are drawn to Core Transformation. A few years back a Buddhist monk told me that was why he was taking the CT course. Other Buddhists and those from other traditions have also told us that Core Transformation helps them get more out of their spiritual practice.

There are a tremendous number of people out there who are spiritual seekers who could probably benefit from Core Transformation. However….

… We do not ask anyone to buy into any particular “spiritual” belief system. It makes no difference to us whether people think of their Core State experience in spiritual terms or not.

… Just because CT is for many people a faster and more reliable way to “get there” doesn’t mean there aren’t other benefits they want to gain from other approaches to spirituality.

… Core Transformation is not a whole ready-made spiritual system. As I mentioned, we don’t offer a belief system, which many people want. It isn’t a spiritual community. However, the feedback we receive is that Core Transformation can be a tremendously useful complementary method for spiritual seekers.

Many–or perhaps most–practitioners who utilize Core Transformation in their work offer it only as a personal transformation modality, without getting into the potential spiritual aspect of it. This makes perfect sense. After all, the entry into the process is a behavior, thought or feeling that we want to transform. At the same time, it would be nice to find ways of reaching more spiritual seekers who would really gain something of value to themselves from CT.

2 comments to Core Transformation and Spirituality

  • Core Transformation is not only a useful tool to use on the path to enlightenment, but is also useful post enlightenment. By regularly immersing the self in those illustrious states, CT is a wonderful introduction to the awakening experience. After awakening to enlightenment, CT works beautifully to deal with that which is no longer in harmony with enlightenment, although it can perhaps be difficult sometimes to get the system to acknowledge that it is a “part” that is being dealt with.

  • But a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great pattern. “He profits most who serves best.” by Arthur F. Sheldon.

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