About Core Transformation

Core Transformation is a powerful, yet gentle, change modality developed by Connirae Andreas. With Core Transformation, any personal limitation can be the entry into the process: any behavior, feeling or thought that we want to change. Exploring within this limitation itself allows us to discover profound inner resources (“Core States”) at the deepest level within our awareness. We may give these Core States names like “beingness”, “peace”, “oneness”, “love”, “well-being”, “wholeness”… and there is often a sense that no label really captures the profound Core State that we can access within. These Core States are powerful resources that we can use to transform the limitation.

Most of us are drawn to Core Transformation for personal transformation–there are behaviors, feelings and thoughts that we want to change. However, some have come to Core Transformation for the main purpose of accessing their Core States, to supplement a spiritual practice or deepen a spiritual journey. It doesn’t matter whether a person has or doesn’t have a spiritual orientation when they do the Core Transformation process, and it doesn’t matter to us whether a person would describe their experience as “spiritual”.

About Tamara Andreas

Tamara Andreas is the co-author of the book Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within with her sister, Connirae Andreas, developer of Core Transformation. Tamara also created the seminar format for the Core Transformation seminar that is now taught around the world. Ms. Andreas currently gives basic and advanced Core Transformation seminars internationally, as well as in her home town of Boulder, Colorado. A Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), she also works with private clients.